Page navigation is a great feature which helps us to navigate through big tables in an easy and step by step way. In this tutorial we are going to learn how to set up Pagination in Tableau.


I will be using Sample super store data for this tutorial. Once you connect to the data source, please go to sheet 1. Before we start visualising the data, lets create few calculated fields.

Calculated Fields
  • Page Size: Its a parameter to set the number of rows that we need to display on a page. By Default we will keep it to 20 with the step size of 5.
  • Page Number: This field is used to select the number of rows that is to be displayed in each  page.

INT([@Index]/[Page Size])+1

  • Index: This calculated field id used to return the index of the current row without sorting in regards to the value. the first row always start with value 1. In this case i want it to be started from ‘0’ so i have used the below calculation.



  • Drag Order ID field to the row shelf
  • Drag Order Date field to row shelf
  • Drag Customer Name field to row shelf
  • Drag Quantity to row shelf
  • Drag Profit to row shelf
  • Drag Sales to Text Mark
  • Drag Page Number calculated field to filters self
It will look something like below:

Bring this sheet into the Dashboard and do a bit of formatting and its ready. You can download the dashboard on Tableau Public here