About us

The main purpose of this website is to share different artistic ways of visualisations, data visualisation techniques, tips & tricks of data analytics within tableau community. Working with data means designing ways to transform the abstract data into something that can be seen, felt and directly connected to our lives. Through this website we are trying to reach to wider visual analytics community and help them design the data visualisation that can be felt and connects us to the information.

We are in a world of information overload where everything is related to data and the most effective way for human brain to interpret data is through visuals. Through visualising information we can see patterns, facts that matter and by further designing the information it tells a story that allows us to focus on information that is important and helps us understand it’s true potential. Data Visualisations haven’t change  much in the last couple of decades but the artistic quality has drastically improved.  

We will provide step-by-step details on how to design different charts, best practices, tips & tricks etc. There will be separate section for beginners that will help them to lay strong foundation in tableau and other visualisation tools. In addition to this, you can also post any feedback or questions that you may have with regards to the articles that are posted or anything Tableau related and we will try to address them at the earliest.

Who am I?

I am Gurpreet Singh. My journey with Data & Analytics started back in 2009 when I did my Masters in Information System and have been in Data analytics and visualisation industry since then. The power of data and how it assist humans to make decisions led me to explore my interest in Data Analytics. I enjoy working closely with data using visualisation tools to tell the story and help stakeholders analyse and reason the data which keeps me motivated. I also love spending time on painting, aquascaping and gardening.